Heart help

4:15pm Friday 24th October 2014

THE chairman and the committee of the Knutsford Branch of the British Heart Foundation would like to thank the staff and customers of Booths Supermarket, Knutsford, who gave so generously at the recent BHF Store collection during the weekend of October 3 and 4.

Faith restored

4:15pm Friday 24th October 2014

MY faith in human nature was restored last week.

Helpful ladies

4:14pm Friday 24th October 2014

I WOULD like to thank the ladies who came to the aid of my father, whose disablement scooter became stuck as he tried to post a letter at Parkgate on Saturday, October 4.

Disruptive road works

4:13pm Friday 24th October 2014

SOME of the comments that have been made about the Mobberley Road roadworks by both the council and readers are incorrect, Guardian, October 8.

Road chaos

Knutsford Guardian:

5:07pm Wednesday 15th October 2014

I AM in full agreement with the letter from Rick Weightman, Guardian, October 1, regarding the chaos caused by the Mobberley Road closure.

Other option available

Knutsford Guardian: Parking Meter

5:04pm Wednesday 15th October 2014

SINCE my family and I moved to Knutsford in 1970, we have been grateful to use the facilities at the community hospital, and at no time during that period have we been unable to park there.

Nothing but a stealth tax

Knutsford Guardian: Parking Meter

5:02pm Wednesday 15th October 2014

ONCE again medical facilities are under attack in Knutsford.

Parking plan is a flawed idea

Knutsford Guardian: PARK STRIFE: Carmarthenshire county council has disputed that the £487,000 it made from parking charges last year was "profit".

5:00pm Wednesday 15th October 2014

I READ with horror the plan to use automatic number plate recognition technology to enforce parking charges, Guardian October 1. While there is little doubt that the spaces at the hospital are open to abuse, the use of ANPR, in partnership with “private parking companies”, is a fundamentally flawed business model.

Road closures

Knutsford Guardian:

4:57pm Wednesday 15th October 2014

IN RESPONSE to Rick Weightman’s letter in the Guardian, October 1, regarding road closures.

Business close

Knutsford Guardian: Sunday opening hours piloted at Darlington Post Office delivery office

4:51pm Wednesday 15th October 2014

IT IS with much regret and sadness that after serving the community for 23 years, Mere Post Office and Village Store will be closing, because unfortunately we cannot survive in the current economic climate.

Think again

Knutsford Guardian:

4:48pm Wednesday 15th October 2014

HAVE the East Cheshire NHS Trust taken leave of their senses at proposing the new parking charges? I can predict there will be plenty of space in the car park after April because no-one will pay to park there.

Parking meters

Knutsford Guardian:

4:43pm Wednesday 15th October 2014

ALTHOUGH there is still no news of the health and wellbeing centre for Knutsford, the authorities concerned have decided to impose punitive parking charges on patients using the Knutsford Community Hospital, Guardian, October 1.

Tax concerns

Knutsford Guardian: A new report says North-East jobseekers are paying the price of George Osborne's 'slash and burn' approach to the public sector.

1:05pm Thursday 2nd October 2014

So Mr Osbourne wishes to freeze working age benefits at £100 billion.

Cut-up county

Knutsford Guardian:

12:59pm Thursday 2nd October 2014

CHESHIRE, I was taught long ago as a school boy, is a pan-shaped county and so it was, and still is.

Wasted facility

Knutsford Guardian: Close-up of Golf Club and Golf Ball (9720640)

12:52pm Thursday 2nd October 2014

THE closure of Peover golf course is a huge waste of a fantastic sporting facility and a salutary reminder that we shouldn’t take these community benefits for granted.

Road closures

Knutsford Guardian: Major delays near Newhaven as A259 closed following crash

12:49pm Thursday 2nd October 2014

THIS morning I was trying to get from Shaw Drive to Legh Road via Mobberley Road, so I could get to my business in Northwich via Plumley, to avoid the road works. They had blocked off all the roads in and out.

Explain claims

4:58pm Friday 26th September 2014

IN HIS call for the reinstatement of Cheshire County Council, Cllr Michael Jones needs to expand on his claim.

Woe for golfers

4:56pm Friday 26th September 2014

YOUR article on the closure of Peover Golf Club (Guardian, September 17) fails to mention PGC Ltd was placed into administration on Friday, September 12, and it was the administrators' decision to shut down the golf element of the club.

Members pay

4:54pm Friday 26th September 2014

YOUR article on the closure of Peover Golf Club (Guardian, September 17) fails to mention PGC Ltd was placed into administration on Friday, September 12, and it was the administrators' decision to shut down the golf element of the club.

Thanks to the North Runners

Knutsford Guardian: The funds were raised for Diabetes UK.

5:20pm Wednesday 17th September 2014

I WOULD like to congratulate all those who ran the Bupa Great North Run on September 7.

HS2 should be ringing bells

Knutsford Guardian: An early look at what the HS2 trains could look like

5:10pm Wednesday 17th September 2014

WHERE is the serious debate?

Good work on restoring grave

Knutsford Guardian: Grave of golfer George Duncan. n143790 (10142163)

5:00pm Wednesday 17th September 2014

WHAT an excellent piece of work by PCs Dawber and Holt, restoring the grave of George Duncan. Wouldn’t it now be good, if the people just down the road at Mere Golf and Country Club, who have an entire suite named after the golfer, volunteered to keep the grave well maintained?

Giving cyclists a bad name

Knutsford Guardian: Highway Code is being forgotten

4:56pm Wednesday 17th September 2014

WHILE there has been an increase in the number of (mainly responsible) cyclists in Knutsford, there are a considerable number who are failing to follow the basics of The Highway Code, giving cyclists in general a bad name.

We need news about centre

Knutsford Guardian: Letter: They’ll always find a way

2:45pm Wednesday 10th September 2014

THE letter in last week's Guardian regarding the depressingly neglected look of both the former Tatton Ward and Bexton Court reminded me that it is now over six years ago that the Cheshire East Primary Care Trust told us it was initiating plans for a new health and wellbeing centre in Knutsford as, like it or not, change was inevitable as the option to do nothing was not on the table.

More needed than housing

Knutsford Guardian: Wandsworth house prices set to rocket by more than 20 per cent

2:41pm Wednesday 10th September 2014

THE prospect of more affordable housing in Knutsford is welcome, especially if, as suggested, the units are not all the standard four bedroom configuration but of different sizes that will attract younger first home seekers as well as the more elderly “downsizers”.

Hearings for community

Knutsford Guardian:

2:36pm Wednesday 10th September 2014

CHESHIRE East Local Plan Examination in Public (EiP) hearings start at 10am on September 16, at Macclesfield Town Hall.

Support our theatre talent

Knutsford Guardian: Olivia Buckley and Patrick Smith will be starring in 'My Boy Jack' at Knutsford Little Theatre.

2:26pm Wednesday 10th September 2014

I WENT to Knutsford Little Theatre to watch the charity evening performance of My Boy Jack.

Spend cash on small roads

Knutsford Guardian: Proposed route for the A556 bypass at Mere. (9838488)

2:23pm Wednesday 10th September 2014

I AM sure the people in Mere will be over the moon about this. The A556 is a busy road but the traffic moves at 50 mph and is relatively safe.

Car boot sale was a cracker

Knutsford Guardian:

2:21pm Wednesday 10th September 2014

A WORK colleague told me about the Knutsford Scouts’ annual Giant Car Boot and Family Fun day on the Heath last Sunday – and I'm so thrilled she did.

Keep our local paper local!

Knutsford Guardian:

4:28pm Wednesday 3rd September 2014

THIS is just a minor gripe, but in our household, we take a national newspaper every day of the week and the Knutsford Guardian on Wednesdays.

Time for bosses to get cutting?

Knutsford Guardian: It had been hoped that a grant from Cheshire East Council would get the ball rolling on other funds being released but so far that hasn’t happened.

4:26pm Wednesday 3rd September 2014

I AM writing regarding the article “Council 15 earn at least £100,000 a year”, Guardian, August 13.

Residents hurt home values

Knutsford Guardian: Passenger figures have dropped to a 35-year-low and now number less than 200,000 annually

4:21pm Wednesday 3rd September 2014

I WAS astonished to hear that Mobberley Parish Council and a local residents group are opposing the proposed redevelopment of the Ilford Way site over concerns about aircraft noise, Guardian, August 20.

Production is one of the best

Knutsford Guardian: Olivia Buckley and Patrick Smith will be starring in 'My Boy Jack' at Knutsford Little Theatre.

4:03pm Wednesday 3rd September 2014

I HAVE been associated with Knutsford Little Theatre now for 14 years.

Time to explain schools plan

Knutsford Guardian:

4:01pm Wednesday 3rd September 2014

WHOEVER thinks closing an existing primary school (Egerton) and re-siting on the land of a secondary school, (Knutsford Academy), currently constrained from achieving its stated ambition, is a good idea please come forward.

Good news for visitors

Knutsford Guardian: Win family tickets to Tatton Park for a fabulous family day out in Cheshire

4:38pm Wednesday 27th August 2014

IT IS most encouraging to see the enterprise which has resulted in a sustained increase in the number of visitors to Tatton Park ( August 20 edition).

Affordable housing

Knutsford Guardian:

4:36pm Wednesday 27th August 2014

THE prospect of more affordable housing in Knutsford is welcome especially if, as one of your recent contributors to Opinion suggested, the units are not all the standard four bedroom configuration but of different sizes that will attract the young 'first home seekers' as much as the more elderly 'downsizers'.

Bowled over by fund total

Knutsford Guardian:

4:26pm Wednesday 27th August 2014

THE Knutsford Branch of the British Heart Foundation recently held a very successful bowls and BBQ event at the Knutsford Bowling Club, which raised £688.94.

Where are our night classes?

Knutsford Guardian: Bev Goodger has taught Biology at  Sir John Deane’s College for 16 years.

4:25pm Wednesday 27th August 2014

I HAVE just received a leaflet advertising adult classes at Sir John Deane's College Northwich, which led me to the question: of what happened to our thriving adult/evening classes which were held at Knutsford High School (Academy) for many years?

A lack of knowledge

Knutsford Guardian:

1:56pm Wednesday 13th August 2014

DAVID Morgan recently reviewed Rina Tillinger’s book “Tiptoe Through the Tombstones” in which she said she wanted to start an organisation to preserve gravestone inscriptions.

Well done history group

Knutsford Guardian: First World War

1:51pm Wednesday 13th August 2014

I would like to congratulate the members of the Holmes Chapel U3A History Group who put on the magnificent commemoration of the First World War over the weekend.

Why I'm so disappointed

Knutsford Guardian: Beech Avenue in Tatton Park

1:41pm Wednesday 13th August 2014

I WOULD like to add my disappointment to that expressed by your correspondent last week concerning the Beech Avenue in Tatton park.

Too many are on £100,000

Knutsford Guardian:

1:39pm Wednesday 13th August 2014

IT’S GOOD news that the numbers of council staff earning six figure salaries is five per cent down on the previous year’s figures.

Non police staff should get award

Knutsford Guardian:

10:33am Wednesday 6th August 2014

I READ with interest the article regarding a police staff member receiving an award for his part in a man being jailed for life for a woman’s murder, Guardian, July 23.

Stop parking in pedestrian areas

Knutsford Guardian: The new lick of paint for the Old Sessions House, formerley the Red Cow          n123536

10:30am Wednesday 6th August 2014

WHILE showing my daughter-in-law and her two sons the flower displays around the town on July 27, we stopped to look at the King Canute Collage between RS McColls and the Old Sessions House, admiring the beautiful hanging baskets of the latter.

Waving the flag for flag days

Knutsford Guardian: webpix charity donation cash money collection

10:26am Wednesday 6th August 2014

THE proceeds of recent flag days in Knutsford totalled £428.42. The money raised by Carers Trust 4all will be used to provide much needed extra hours of care for carers and those they care for.

Heartfelt thanks for your support

Knutsford Guardian: Thanks for support

10:21am Wednesday 6th August 2014

THE Knutsford Branch of the British Heart Foundation recently held a very successful Summer Luncheon at Adlington Hall, Macclesfield, which raised the magnificent sum of £1002.55.

We want to have your memories

Knutsford Guardian: Good with a camera? Enter the Streets of Sutton competition

10:19am Wednesday 6th August 2014

FRIENDS of The Heath are designing a new information board to explain the history of Knutsford Heath and are looking for historical photographs to include.

Pendulum swung away from us

Knutsford Guardian: The current Knutsford entrance to Tatton Park

9:49am Wednesday 6th August 2014

I WOULD like to record my disappointment at the decision of Tatton Park management to allow the magnificent Beech Walk running from the Knutsford gate to the southern boundary of the gardens to progress towards a Beech Graveyard.

We will help keep Moor clear

Knutsford Guardian: Knutsford Town Council coat of arms

9:43am Wednesday 6th August 2014

I AM writing in response to Alex Scott’s letter, Guardian, July 30, concerning litter on the Moor.

Knutsford is just fine as it is - please leave us alone

Knutsford Guardian: "It's a Knutsford tradition": Spectators have their say on May Day

11:39am Friday 1st August 2014

I READ that the proposed outdoor cinema plan on the Heath has been scrapped, Guardian, July 23, as was the planned six week long Christmas market.


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