Have you lost a Pandora bracelet?

Knutsford Guardian: Pandora beads bring the wonderful life for women

4:11pm Tuesday 15th April 2014

I HAVE found a Pandora bracelet which was left at the Knutsford Leisure Centre.

Heart-warming act of honesty

Knutsford Guardian: Heart-warming act of honesty

4:08pm Tuesday 15th April 2014

MY home was recently broken into and burgled and some jewellery was stolen.

Traffic will soon be a nightmare

Knutsford Guardian: Parkgate Lane junction

4:07pm Tuesday 15th April 2014

It’s already difficult getting out of Parkgate Lane in a morning and at 4pm, until the industrial estate workers have arrived or gone home.

£45 for extra bin would be value

Knutsford Guardian: I've been misled over green bins

4:05pm Tuesday 15th April 2014

If I was lucky enough to have a large garden which produced 105 bags of waste over the four months when green bin collection was suspended, I would feel it my personal responsibility to deal with the waste rather than rely on public services, part funded by others.

Thanks for support

Knutsford Guardian: Thanks for support

2:44pm Wednesday 9th April 2014

I AM writing to thank the Guardian readers for the support given so far for north west British Heart Foundation shops Spring Clear Out campaign.

Falling trees all part of nature's cycle

Knutsford Guardian: More fallen trees are predicted as strong winds head for the south coast overnight.

2:40pm Wednesday 9th April 2014

BACK in February Knutsford was hit by a storm that felled several trees, including some on The Heath.

Dog walkers giving us all a bad name

Knutsford Guardian: WGC Dog Poo Bins Raided: Who Flung Dung?

2:36pm Wednesday 9th April 2014

I felt I must write regarding something I encountered last Thursday morning while walking my dog.

Thanks for all your support

Knutsford Guardian: HAVE A HEART: Kendal charity shop seeks volunteers

4:10pm Friday 4th April 2014

I AM writing to thank the Guardian readers for the support given so far for north west British Heart Foundation Spring Clear Out campaign.

I've been misled over green bins

Knutsford Guardian: I've been misled over green bins

4:06pm Friday 4th April 2014

GREEN bin collections have resumed so let us take stock.

A day to honour Laurie Burton

Knutsford Guardian: Laurie Burton who died in March 2011

4:05pm Friday 4th April 2014

IN conjunction with KAFKA, Cheshire Area for Cheshire Action marks this day, April 1, 2014 as the first ‘Laurie Burton Day’.

Let's lift the lid on bowel cancer

Knutsford Guardian: Everton FC’s academy coach Kevin Sheedy urges people to get a check up and not ignore any health concerns, after he survived bowel cancer that was diagnosed in time.

3:58pm Friday 4th April 2014

AS a bowel cancer survivor I know just how devastating a diagnosis can be, but knowing the symptoms and getting help early is vital.

Still worried over mistletoe market

Knutsford Guardian: Still worried over mistletoe market

3:56pm Friday 4th April 2014

WE were fortunate enough to attend the Mistletoe Market Consultation on March 20, before the further consultation sessions had to be postponed because of illness.

Give Tatton Park back to Trust

Knutsford Guardian: Knutsford Historical Society

3:55pm Friday 4th April 2014

AS it’s hard to see any benefits for the people of Knutsford, possibly it’s time to take a closer look at Tatton Park and consider its place in both East Cheshire and Knutsford. Despite 800,000 visitors each year, a considerable annual financial drain is placed on taxpayers to maintain the historic buildings and parkland.

Don't agree with your argument

Knutsford Guardian: One of the treehouses at BeWILDerwood in Norfolk

3:51pm Friday 4th April 2014

I WAS interested in Clr Olivia Hunter’s enthusiastic endorsement of the proposed BeWILDerwood project at Tatton Park, Guardian, March 26.

My phone call was reasonable

Knutsford Guardian: One of the treehouses at BeWILDerwood in Norfolk

3:46pm Friday 4th April 2014

I READ Clr Olivia Hunter’s letter, Guardian, March 26, with interest as she refers to being phoned the day before the planning meeting which discussed the BeWILDerwood application.

Thanks for support

Knutsford Guardian: A 20 metre recreation of Van Gogh’s iconic tulips image – made entirely from a quarter of a tonne of donated stock

1:42pm Thursday 27th March 2014

I am writing to thank you and your readers for the support you’ve shown so far for North West British Heart Foundation (BHF) shops Spring Clear Out campaign.

It will be good for families

Knutsford Guardian: From left, Fiona Mahon, from the National Trust, Graham Jones from Tatton Park and Simon Egan from BeWILDerwood       n121022

11:04am Wednesday 26th March 2014

I WOULD suggest the Knutsfordian seeks help, to rid herself of all the political pollution she regurgitates while hiding behind anonymity, Guardian, March 19.

Rolling acres suit market

Knutsford Guardian: Sainsbury's in Sedgefield has donated Christmas decorations to Trimdon Village Hall

10:59am Wednesday 26th March 2014

THE thought occurs that the proposed Mistletoe Markets, might find a more appropriate home on some of the rolling acres which abut Peover Hall and where they would inconvenience far fewer people.

Nightmare for residents

Knutsford Guardian: Nightmare for residents

10:41am Wednesday 26th March 2014

THE proposed six-week long Mistletoe Market on Knutsford Heath is unbelievable.

Ask Aldi to build homes

Knutsford Guardian: Aldi plan to build a fourth store in Swindon

12:22pm Wednesday 19th March 2014

I AM not surprised to read that Aldi are seeking more space for car parking, (Guardian, March 12.) When Aldi were preparing to build the new store in Knutsford they ‘accidentally’ bulldozed Caesar’s Cottage on the land adjoining their own building site without any planning permission as far as the public are aware.

Rail plans need backing

Knutsford Guardian: 8E Railway Association

12:05pm Wednesday 19th March 2014

I AM writing in response to Anthony Brown’s letter, (Guardian, March 12,) and to some of the comments posted online following up on the letter.

Impossible to dodge holes

Knutsford Guardian: Impossible to dodge holes

11:59am Wednesday 19th March 2014

I AGREE with Hugo McCorkell, (Guardian, February 19,) regarding potholes.

We need a free bus service

Knutsford Guardian: POISED: German transport operator Deutsche Bahn is close to agreeing a £1.6bn takeover of North-East bus and trains firm Arriva

11:55am Wednesday 19th March 2014

FOLLOWING on from the points John Myerscough makes about a Mistletoe Market in Knutsford having 100 huts, (Guardian, March 12,) this is a third of the number the Manchester Christmas markets have.

We must treasure park

Knutsford Guardian: Knutsford Historical Society

5:53pm Wednesday 12th March 2014

SO, Marketing Cheshire supports the BeWILDerwood application because Knutsford has to compete with the seaside.

Where will they all park?

5:51pm Wednesday 12th March 2014

AS A former resident of Knutsford I have generally been supportive of proposals for new developments in the town.

Mid-Cheshire line is awful

Knutsford Guardian: Mid-Cheshire line is awful

5:48pm Wednesday 12th March 2014

THE Guardian asks for comments about the service offered on the Mid-Cheshire line – well in a word it is awful.

Thanks you for your views

5:47pm Wednesday 12th March 2014

THE Friends of the Moor would like to thank all those who took part in the consultation on the equipment for the play area on The Moor.

Plan's aim to make money

Knutsford Guardian: Bring on the scones and the National Trust

3:05pm Wednesday 5th March 2014

I AM writing regarding comments requested mainly about the fact that our local councillors have effectively sat on their hands regarding the BeWILDerwood scheme.

Boys chose May Queen

Knutsford Guardian: Dylan crowns Jenny as  the Knutsford Royal  May Queen  MD1387

2:59pm Wednesday 5th March 2014

I AGREE with The Knutsfordian, February 26, that the way of selecting the May Queen is out-dated.

No decision yet on sites

Knutsford Guardian: Whole thing is s shambles

2:55pm Wednesday 5th March 2014

IT IS national policy that as part of the Local Plan we are required to identify a five-year land supply for the provision of gypsy and travellers and travelling show people sites.

This is how it works....

Knutsford Guardian: Knutsford Town Council coat of arms

2:53pm Wednesday 5th March 2014

I READ with concern the letter from Julie Tempest, (Guardian, February 28) and am concerned as chair of the town council’s planning and licensing committee, that readers may think her words represent the truth about how the town council consider planning applications.

Gang Show was so good - we went twice

Knutsford Guardian: A wonderful Gang Show

2:48pm Wednesday 5th March 2014

WE are writing to say how wonderful the Gang Show performed at Mobberley was.

A wonderful Gang Show

Knutsford Guardian: A wonderful Gang Show

2:36pm Wednesday 26th February 2014

WHAT a wonderful show!

Where is money going?

Knutsford Guardian: Whole thing is s shambles

2:21pm Wednesday 26th February 2014

CAN someone tell us what Cheshire East Council is doing with the money it must have saved so far this winter?

No discussion is a disgrace

Knutsford Guardian: One of the treehouses at BeWILDerwood in Norfolk

2:13pm Wednesday 26th February 2014

IT’S disgraceful that Knutsford Town Council’s planning committee decided they weren’t going to discuss the latest submissions regarding the BeWILDerwood application for Tatton Park.

Employ a consultant

Knutsford Guardian: One of the treehouses at BeWILDerwood in Norfolk

2:00pm Wednesday 26th February 2014

SO Knutsford Town Council does not have anyone who has enough knowledge to comment on the technical plans submitted by the developers of BeWILDerwood?

I'm tired of HS2 criticism

Knutsford Guardian: I'm tired of HS2 criticism

1:53pm Wednesday 26th February 2014

I’M growing increasingly tired of the negative letters on HS2 in the press.

Use bus bay for picking up

Knutsford Guardian: Train breakdown adds to tube strike chaos

12:21pm Wednesday 26th February 2014

WITH reference to the Northern Hub development (Guardian, February 12) and the start of construction of the fourth platform at Manchester Airport, George Osborne MP, Martin Frobisher, Network Rail and especially Andrew Cowan of Manchester Airport might like to begin by asking someone unfamiliar with the airport to try driving them from the M56 to the airport station without verbal directions. I pointed out, to no effect, in an email exchange with the airport’s customer relations over a year ago, that on approach to the airport there is no directional signage to the station until you have discovered that you need to go right round the roundabout in front of Terminal 1. Then the need to turn left for the station is only indicated by a faded “STN” painted on the road. At the next roundabout, a single sign indicates right, but the sign at the second roundabout wrongly directs cars into the bus station instead of the forecourt of the station.

Thanks for contributions

Knutsford Guardian: Children to 'takeover' council

1:19pm Thursday 20th February 2014

IT is three years since the consultation began on our Local Plan. So far, we have received 36,000 responses from members of the public about our draft proposals. This is an unprecedented amount of interest in a document that will be the blueprint for Cheshire East to the year 2030.

Thanks for man's help

5:24pm Wednesday 19th February 2014

I WOULD like to thank the gentleman who helped me with my car problem in Booth’s car park on Saturday morning, January 25.

Where would a by-pass go?

5:19pm Wednesday 19th February 2014

HEADLINES ‘Traffic chaos’ and ‘Roads gridlocked’ remind us of the downsides for communities near motorways.

Council is losing battle

Knutsford Guardian: GONE TO POT: One of the many holes in the county’s roads

5:14pm Wednesday 19th February 2014

FURTHER to my letter ‘Do something about streets’, Guardian, January 22, I was in Knutsford library recently and saw, by the main entrance, a life-size cardboard cut-out of a Cheshire East workman in a hard hat, holding a board with a coloured scale, like a large thermometer, headed – ‘50,000 potholes repaired’.

Whole thing is s shambles

Knutsford Guardian: Whole thing is s shambles

5:11pm Wednesday 19th February 2014

I AGREE entirely with The Knutsfordian, February 12.

Selection is in a time warp

Knutsford Guardian: Selection is in a time warp

5:09pm Wednesday 19th February 2014

I HAVE and will always support the traditions and core values that make Knutsford what it is.

Put bypass on the agenda

Knutsford Guardian: QUEUES: Road works cause traffic on the Upton bypass.

3:32pm Wednesday 12th February 2014

I ATTENDED the Cheshire East Council’s Strategic Planning Board meeting on February 5 with Brian Chaplin, organiser and chief spokesman for the South Knutsford’s Residents Group.

Regulate AD plants siting

Knutsford Guardian: Environment Agency logo long

3:14pm Wednesday 12th February 2014

AT a time when the Environment Agency is under pressure to query some of its decisions, following the extreme flooding, it should also examine the wisdom of speeding up the process enabling AD plants to receive permits.

What are girls judged on?

Knutsford Guardian: The town once again turned out in force to celebrate Knutsford Royal May Day

3:11pm Wednesday 12th February 2014

IT’S 2014 and yet the only way to select the May Queen and her court is by young girls parading up and down a hall – to be judged by what criteria?

Make your mind up over fracking

11:13am Friday 7th February 2014

JUST when you thought it could get no worse, it does.

Residents must wake up

Knutsford Guardian: Residents must wake up

2:15pm Wednesday 29th January 2014

ARE the residents of Knutsford sleepwalking into a Titanic disaster? Recent articles and letters to the Guardian give no indication that the residents are aware of the implications of recent long-term planning applications.

More of the same

Knutsford Guardian: The Cheese Yard

1:17pm Wednesday 29th January 2014

THERE are so many places to eat in Knutsford that can be classed as good, but on a recent visit to my mother who lives in the area, we were delighted to find The Cheese Yard in King Street.

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