DRIVERS blocking pavements are being fined as police crackdown on illegal parking.

Knutsford police issued a fixed penalty notice on a blue Vauxhall Meriva obstructing the pavement on Acacia Avenue.

A Cheshire Police spokesman said: “After many complaints, a car was issued with a fixed penalty notice for parking on the pavement and not leaving enough room for pedestrians, prams and wheelchair users on Acacia Avenue in Knutsford.

“Please be considerate when parking.”

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Knutsford Guardian: Police urge drivers to be more consideratePolice urge drivers to be more considerate (Image: Cheshire Police)

Officers issued 32 tickets to vehicles on Cliff Road in Wilmslow a few months ago.

Drivers on the Longridge estate have also been fined.

The move has been welcomed by residents.

One man said: “Fantastic. There is no need to park on the pavement. There is enough room on the road.”

A mum added: “It is really tricky when pushing a pram or a wheelchair so would appreciate having the paths back.”

Residents in Pickmere are calling for the police to take action over the increasing number of drivers blocking pavements in the village.

Police can penalise drivers if they deem parking to be dangerous or in any way causing an obstruction.

A fixed penalty notice includes a fine and sometimes penalty points can be added to your licence.