DAVID Barker poses the question as why ‘so many’ Brexiteers withhold their names and addresses.

Firstly, his letter suggests he voted to remain and wishes to demean those who voted to leave.

Certainly it contains all the characteristics of an embittered remoaner in that he invents facts and has that mysterious crystal ball which enables remoaners to know why other people do things without having the slightest evidence whatsoever.

Nevertheless perhaps I can help answer his question. He uses the term ‘so many’. He seems to have a peculiar idea of what the term means.

In the past 15 months as far as I’m aware only two Brexiteers have asked for their identification to be withheld. However, that said, there are several good reasons why an individual would want their identification withheld from print.

None of which concerns their conviction in respect of the topic.

Most weeks there will be full identification withheld by one or more correspondents on a wide variety of topics. It is certainly not restricted to the EU topic.

Brexiteers have no reason to withhold their details because of the topic - after all, we won.

Don Micklewright Cheshire