WE have all heard about the pollution levels in cities in Britain, but what is happening in Cheshire East?

The borough council has legal responsibility at some level, several monitoring stations, but there appear to be issues about their locations and none are reporting information currently to the web as they should.

There are real time data automatic air quality monitoring stations on Market St Disley, in Mere, on Manchester Road, Knutsford, London Road, Poynton, and in Congleton and Crewe.

However, some are not working at all, and none are sending out data – so the council cannot be challenged on its failure to do anything about air quality.

But nothing on Wilmslow or Macclesfield or Crewe.

Cheshire East apparently engaged in a public engagement exercise in January about how they might do this in future for Macclesfield, Sandbach and Middlewich.

What about central Wilmslow?

Will the new airport link road enable larger lorries at least to be diverted from the centre of towns to cut down their pollution?

Or is there no measurement and therefore no plan?

I bet we’d be horrified to find out how polluted the centre of our communities are.

Andrew Backhouse Transition Wilmslow and Cycle Wilmslow