IN Richard Cuzzons’ letter published on March 2, I feel he’s missed two key points.

One is that an average household income figure doesn’t mean most household’s income is around that figure.

The other is that there are many taxes and tax bands meaning that increasing the amount of tax revenue the Government takes in doesn’t have to mean everyone would have to pay more A typical household didn’t benefit from the Conservatives cutting the 50p income tax rate, or from them raising the threshold so that fewer people pay the 40p income tax rate or from them significantly raising the inheritance tax threshold.

However, a typical household is affected by the higher VAT rate and the cutting of funding for public services.

I also find it surprising that Mr Cuzzons wants to take time to criticise the leader of an opposition party over his public spending proposals when it’s recently been revealed all the major banks and building societies have decided to not offer a Lifetime ISA (which was a proposal announced by our own MP George Osborne) as they say the Government has made the rules too complicated.

Perhaps this news isn’t a surprise as when it was first announced senior Liberal Democrat MPs were warning people not to take out the product in lieu of a workplace pension as you’d end up worse off in the long term, while saving for retirement is only one of two purposes the proposed product could have been used for.

Sheila O’Grady Knutsford