I AM writing regarding comments requested mainly about the fact that our local councillors have effectively sat on their hands regarding the BeWILDerwood scheme.

I have only recently started using Tatton Park for recreation and walks, and to consider that what to all intents and purposes is an industrial unit being built there is very sad.

No matter how it is dressed up, what is being proposed is a place of work set up to make money which means people working there, visitors travelling there, suppliers delivering there, all creating noise in what is a natural environment?

The problem is that the land is owned by Cheshire East Council, which being a local council is being constantly pressed by central Government to save money.

Heaven knows what services will still be left, even in 10 years time.

I guess, if one goes back to the break-up of the Egerton estate there would have been all the right noises about preserving the land for the community.

Going back 50 or so years, then it would have been fair to say that any such statement would have been credible.

Local councils did consider their locality, there was not the interference from government but we are in a vastly different world in 2014.

The only future for Tatton and any recreational facility to have any chance of survival is for them to be taken away from council control.

In Tatton’s case the National Trust should have it all.

Anthony Brown Knutsford