THE potholes of Knutsford are not a new phenomenon.

I have been driving in and around the town over the past 30 years, and can remember times when the roads were worse.

What has changed in that time is the type of vehicle we drive.

These days many cars have sports suspension and low profile tyres, and we feel every jolt as the shock is transmitted directly to the cabin of the car.

I currently use two vehicles, one has old-fashioned high-sided tyres and hydro-pneumatic suspension and was developed for rough French roads a decade ago – it hardly acknowledges the potholes.

The other is an Italian sports saloon with low profile tyres and hard suspension, and it crashes and bangs.

I think what has changed may be our perception of the problem, not the problem itself.

Part of that perception is articles like the one published on January 16 where the evidence was given in photographic and anecdotal form but not quantified.

I would suggest that a more scientific study might be done, maybe comparing rates of damage to vehicles in Knutsford against rates of damage in other towns.

Perhaps there are certain vehicle types that get damaged more easily than others – and are therefore less suited to our road network. What was the average depth of the potholes, and what percentage of Knutsford’s roads are damaged in this way?

Are more vehicles being damaged on specific roads or for specific drivers?

It’s important to remember that if the council is expected to pay for our damaged vehicles then we as individuals pay in higher council tax.

I don’t think that stacks up, but then I’ve never damaged a car by driving into a pothole.

RICK HOUGH Ashworth Park, Knutsford