KNUTSFORD Tri Club’s Dave Clamp is a contender to win an age category title in the Manchester Area Cross Country League after the latest race.

He placed third in the veteran men’s over 50s class at Boggart Hole Clough on Saturday, leaving him second in the season standings with one round of the campaign left.

The club sent six runners, including Clamp, to Blackley at the weekend where Matthew Wackett was first to finish in 35th.

Paul Wain, John Goggins, Paul Stubbs-Jeffries and Edward Taylor were on race duty too.

Results: Manchester Area Cross Country League Match Four, Boggart Hole Clough – Senior Men (Knutsford Tri Club members only): 35. Matthew Wackett 41:46; 43. Dave Clamp 42:21; 127. Paul Wain 48:10; 155. John Goggins 50:41; 173. Paul Stubbs-Jeffries 52:18; 211. Edward Taylor 57:59. Teams, Senior men: 19. Knutsford Tri Club 723pts. Veterans’ men: 19. Knutsford Tri Club 289pts.