A BANK manager told the court that David Ryan ‘could not have used his own money to pay for Euros’ from his account in January 2012.

A part of the prosecution case is that Diane Lee was handing over money to Ryan in the months leading up to her death.

It is also alleged that a sum of Euros found in Ryan’s house after his arrest were stolen from Diana’s lodger Andrew Leese after Ryan had killed her.

Ryan said he had forgotten about the notes’ existence, and they were left over from a business trip to Germany in January 2012. He said he had bought £1,000 worth of Euros from the Altrincham branch of Barclays the same month.

Scott Melville, branch manager at Barclays in Altrincham, appeared at court on Friday to tell the jury that the bank’s system had no record of a transaction of £1,000 being exchanged for Euros in January 2012.

“After looking at our system there is no possibility that David Ryan took the Euros from the Altrincham branch,” he said.

“It would have shown on our records and our documents, and if it hadn’t there would have been a shortfall in that foreign currency account.”

Mr Melville added that if there had of been a shortfall he would have had to produce a report highlighting this, but told the court he had not completed one as there was not a need to.

The case continues.