YOUNG people in the Tatton constituency who want the right to vote, do not have the full backing of their MP.

Conservative Member of Parliament Esther McVey declared that keeping the voting age at 18 was the 'preferred option'.

A private members bill to get younger people into democracy was debated for the first time on Friday but there was not enough time left for a vote.

Esther told the Guardian: “I have always been open-minded to any change of the law, but as we followed the debate on Friday it was clear that 18 remained the preferred age of adulthood with 16 to 18 being seen as a transition age to adulthood.

“However, I’m personally delighted so many young people want to get involved in politics and I’d like to support them in their aim to get involved.

“I have great young people in the constituency, some of who I work with as part of a youth advocacy group.”