KNUTSFORD Little Theatre kicks off its 2017/18 season with something different, bringing a radio play adaptation of The Cat and The Canary to town from Wednesday.

The comedy horror, written by John Willard and adapted by David Muncaster, is set in the studio of ‘Knutsford Little Broadcasting Company’ and sees a group of voice actors and a sound man telling the story of the family of Cyrus West.

Taking place at a reading of his will, at midnight some 20 years on from his death, we enter the action as the six potential heirs are due to arrive.

Upon the reading of his will, we find it is awarded to Annabelle West – played by newcomer to the theatre, Jane Ainley – provided there is no indication she is not sound of mind.

The family then begin to attempt to unnerve Annabelle, in order to force the opening of a second will, however upon the discovery of a body, everyone is a suspect.

As a radio play, the group of actors portray the range of different characters in order to bring the play to life. However, when Paul and Alison don’t show, it is up to the remaining actors to fill their shoes, including a variety of accents.

Alongside the voice actors, we also meet the sound man, played by Robert Burton, who provides Foley Sound Effects made from a variety of different objects, although in reality he wants to be the star.

The theatre also welcome regulars Emma Bonfield and Mike Wilding, alongside newcomers Tom Baston, Matthew Preece and Sandie La Porta to the Queen Street stage, under the direction of the experienced Miles Buckley.

First performed in New York City in February 1922, the play has been adapted into a number of films and is regarded as highly influential in the ‘haunted house’ horror genre.

The play’s name derives from Cyrus West’s feelings that his relatives ‘have watched my wealth as if they were cats, and I - a canary’.

The cleverly-adapted KLT production will run each night from Wednesday, November 8 through to Saturday, November 11, starting at 7.30pm.

Tickets are £10 each and are available at

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