PETER Riley regained his title of Crown of Peover Gooseberry Show champion in difficult conditions at the 42nd annual competition on Saturday.

Despite a ‘nightmare’ fortnight of rain in the build-up causing berries to burst in big numbers, Peter’s Edith Cavell berry tipped the scales at 25 pennyweights 18 grains to reclaim the trophy he lost last year.

Peter, who pipped Keith Tickle into second place to lift the Bert and Leslie Flint Trophy, also claimed runner-up in the Championship Plate and scored the most points in the colour berry classes.

He said: “The Crown Show was a great show, with a lovely family atmosphere and great camaraderie between the members.”

As well as lifting the Alan Jenkinson trophy for his runner-up slot in the Premier class, show secretary Keith won the Whitbread Trophy for the Championship Plate, the Sam Cragg Rose Bowl for the heaviest Edith Cavell, the John Hamilton trophy for overall points and the Best Beaten Berry category.

Show president and chairman Dr Hugh Gibbs picked up the Jim Lander Cup for the heaviest set of twins with his Montrose weighing 32 pennyweights 17 grains, while Show Plates were won by Jonathan Godfrey (red), John Hardy (yellow), Mike Godfrey (green) and David Lowe (white).

Prizes were presented by Cheshire East Council member Cllr George Walton, and landlady Ann West provided a show day tea for members and guests. The annual Gooseberry Show barbecue and raffle took place on Sunday evening.

Keith said: “Gooseberry growing is a 12-month process and the new season for gooseberry growers begins immediately the show is over with work starting towards preparing the trees and ground for next year’s show.

“But it is great fun and the banter between members begins to ramp up in the early spring when tales of gigantic berries begin to emerge.

“For 2018, the show is hopeful to have a few new members joining, which is great news for its continued success.”

--- 1st – Peter Riley (Edith Cavell), 25 pennyweights 18 grains 2nd – Keith Tickle (Edith Cavell), 24.20 3rd – John Hardy (Millenium), 23.04 4th – George Meredith (Bank View), 23.03 5th – Dr Hugh Gibbs (Montrose), 22.03 6th – David Lowe (Edith Cavell), 20.01 7th – Mike Godfrey (Bank View), 16.04 8th – Jonathan Godfrey (Blackden Gem), 15.21 9th – Vince Southern (Woodside), 15.18 NO BERRY – Ian Gough, Noel Street --- Bert and Lesley Flint Trophy for Premier Berry: Peter Riley Whitbread Trophy for Championship Plate: Keith Tickle Jim Lander Cup for Heaviest Twins: Dr Hugh Gibbs John Hamilton Trophy for most points gained: Keith Tickle Sam Cragg Rose Bowl for Edith Cavell Plate: Keith Tickle Ossie and Jim Cragg Trophy Heaviest Four sets of twins: None Gordon Cragg Cup for most points gained in Colour Berry class: Peter Riley          Arthur Newton Cup for Heaviest Triplets: None HP Bulmer Trophy for heaviest Woodpecker in show: John Hardy Alan Jenkinson Trophy for Second Heaviest Premier Berry: Keith Tickle   Trevor Taylor Trophy for most improved grower: George Meredith