CONCERNED drivers have signed a petition calling for traffic lights at a ‘dangerous’ junction on the outskirts of Knutsford.

More than 100 people have signed the online petition to improve the junction of Middlewich Road and Holmes Chapel Road near to Seven Sisters Farm in Toft.

Emma Knop, a Northwich resident, set up the campaign after she herself was involved in a crash at the site.

Speaking to the Guardian, she said: “I use this junction on a daily basis like many others to and from work. It is extremely busy at peak times.

“People are risking pulling out of the junction which is causing near misses and accidents often. I understand people are taking risks as they have been waiting so long but it is so dangerous to do so.

“Some form of traffic control is needed and urgently I think personally traffic lights but maybe a small roundabout which would help control the junction better. I really want to raise awareness and something to be done as soon as possible.”

Emma’s accident took place on Christmas Eve of 2015, when another driver pulled out from Middlewich Road as she was turning in, believing that Emma had already turned.

“He explained he thought I’d already turned and he hit the rear back of my vehicle,” she added. “Understandably I was very shook up.”

On the petition, other drivers have talked about their experiences at the junction.

Jenny Wilson from Winsford, wrote: “I am always wary when driving towards this junction. The amount of cars pulling out into oncoming traffic is scary.

“I’ve witnessed many accidents and even more near misses. Hopefully this petition will make people take notice and help to make out roads a safer place.”

Knutsford resident, Patricia Wharfe, added: “This junction is so very dangerous, that I will go miles out of my way to avoid using it. I often have Land Rover and trailer, so trying to turn right out of B5081 is not feasible. Something needs to be done and soon before a fatality occurs.”

The signature has so far amassed 101 signatures, with 99 more needed before it is sent to Cheshire East Council.

To sign the petition visit