THE defeated Tatton Parliamentary candidates spoke about their campaigns and local and national issues following the announcement of the result.

They addressed the audience at the count at Macclesfield Leisure Centre following the acceptance speech by George Osborne, who was re-elected for the Conservatives with an increased majority of more than 18,000.

Labour Party candidate David Pinto-Duschinsky said: “Having taken second place we have a lot to be proud of, but we are very aware that are some real challenges facing our country and our constituency.

“It remains shocking that in a constituency this prosperous there are food banks only a stone’s throw away from places selling Rolex watches and Aston Martins.

“So one of my requests to you, George [Osborne], is to try to deal not just with the national divisions but those divisions as well.”

Liberal Democrat candidate Gareth Wilson said: “It has been a sad and difficult night for the Liberal Democrats and for progressive parties in general.

“I hope over the coming Parliament the progressive politicians among us will reorganise and provide effective opposition through Parliament for the next election.”

Green Party candidate Tina Rothery said The Green Party was only just beginning to get its messages out, urgent messages focusing on the need to consider “the resources we all depend on to survive” and the importance of nurturing and protecting them.

She added: “No matter how good it is in Tatton I think perhaps the voters here need to be considering beyond the borders of this very privileged and lovely place – that it isn’t the same everywhere.

“For my first effort in politics it’s been a fascinating learning experience, and I go out of this perhaps a little disappointed in some of the democratic process, particularly the media treatment of the whole thing.”

UK Independence Party candidate Stuart Hutton said: “Everybody that voted UKIP or has stood for UKIP around the country can be very proud of yourselves because you have helped to send a very important message to the politicians in Westminster, that we need our politicians to be accountable.

“We need reform in our electoral system and we need power to be devolved back to people at a local level because the best custodians of our wonderful towns and villages all over our country are the people that live there.”

The candidates thanked the teams which supported their campaigns.

Mr Osborne won the Tatton seat with 26,552 votes, a majority of 18,241 over Labour Party candidate David Pinto-Duschinsky on 8,311 votes.

UK Independence Party candidate Stuart Hutton was third with 4,871 votes, with Liberal Democrat Gareth Wilson in fourth on 3,850 and Green Party candidate Tina Rothery gained 1,714 votes.

The turnout was 69.97 per cent.