WI PRESIDENT Marilyn Lloyd welcomed members to the 1007th meeting of Goostrey WI. She reminded everyone to enter the produce show at the September meeting and also for help at the jumble sale to be held on October 24, at 7pm.

The speaker, Caron King, was introduced. Caron is the daughter of one of the members, Helen Pearce, and her talk was entitled “Insights of a Woman in a Man’s World”.

Caron had originally taken a degree in biology and then went on to do a PhD in drug therapy. As her career progressed into management she always found herself leading a team of men, with many amusing and often hilarious results. She eventually set up her own company and found herself advising men, among them the military.

One of her most memorable experiences was when she was the only woman with 113 men on an oil rig, where, after quite a awkward start, found she turned into their “agony aunt”. She was thanked by Sally Dyke.

Sheila Thomlinson won the competition, with Beryl Swash second and Marilyn Lloyd third. Beryl won the raffle.

The next meeting, including the produce show, will be on September 17, at 7.30pm.

The speaker will be a representative from Arighi Bianchi. Guests are welcome.