A MOBBERLEY motorcyclist, who posted a video of himself narrowly missing a car and careering off the edge of a cliff at high speed, has been slapped with a two year driving ban.

Jack Sanderson, of Townfield Road, became subject of a police investigation after a video showing him overtake two bikes and almost collide with a car on the notorious Cat and the Fiddle Road went viral on Youtube.

The 22-year-old was found guilty of dangerous driving at Macclesfield Magistrates Court on August 19, and later sentenced to a 24 month driving ban, 300 hours unpaid work and a 12 week prison sentence suspended for 12 months.

He was also made to pay £1283.18 in compensation, £620 court costs and £80 victim’s surcharge.

Roads Policing Sergeant Andrew Dennison said: “During the investigation it became clear that Jack Sanderson, who was riding a Kawasaki ZX600 at the time, was riding in a dangerous manner.

“The video posted online clearly showed Jack overtaking vehicles across double white lines and riding too fast for his ability on sweeping dangerous bends.

“As a result of this driving Sanderson lost control of his bike crossing the opposing carriageway narrowly missing a vehicle travelling in the opposite direction before flipping his bike off the carriageway and down a 40ft embankment.”

Despite his dramatic tumble Sanderson walked away with minor injuries.

Sanderson decided to upload the footage, which was recorded on his head cam in February, as a warning to others.

It certainly grabbed the public's attention - the Youtube video has had almost 1.2million hits – but the video also captured the attention of police.

Sergeant Andrew Dennison added: “Thankfully in this case no one was seriously injured, but the risks that Sanderson took in his driving exposed himself and the safety of other to serious risk of harm or worse.

“It was only by blind luck that Sanderson avoided a catastrophic collision with another vehicle.

“Cheshire Police will continue to investigate and prosecute drivers who ignore the rules of the road. Driving is a privilege not a right, the rules and procedures give to us when we pass our driving test are there to protect our and the safety of others.

“Ignoring these rules can have devastating results for all parties involved.”

Martin McRobb, Senior Crown Prosecutor with the Crown Prosecution Service, Mersey-Cheshire, said: “I viewed the footage of the incident and the moments leading up to it very carefully and it was clear Sanderson was riding his vehicle in a dangerous way.

"He arrogantly claimed in interview afterwards that his near head on collision with another driver was simply an act of misjudgement by a very experienced rider.

“He’d been intent on overtaking other riders, despite the solid white lines on the road, and admitted in a TV news report that he’d been getting impatient at the time.

“The final act of crossing into the opposite carriageway was the result of a serious lack of control and the final feature of some extremely dangerous driving.

“It’s a miracle no-one was seriously hurt. Hopefully Sanderson will learn his lesson as that might not be the case if there’s a next time.”