ATHLETE Diane Modahl is leading the race to get more young people in Knutsford to eat healthy nutritious meals both in school and at home.

Diane now runs a charitable organisation – The Diane Modahl Sports Foundation - working with young people from across the north west.

The former 800m champion, who is from Manchester, welcomes the Government’s Universal Free School Meals scheme, which means that from September all infant school children will be entitled to a free healthy school meal.

Universal Free School Meals can save parents up to £400 a year as well as ensuring that every child will enjoy a nutritious lunch.

Diane said: "A healthy meal is essential to give children the concentration and energy they need for learning and productive play. Good nutrition coupled with sport provides both discipline and motivation for young people to do what they want to do - be it in sport or other activities.

"At the Diane Modahl Sports Foundation, we believe that a well-balanced lunch provides the vital fuel to become a champion in the classroom and in the playground."