MOTORISTS have vented their frustration after getting caught up in roadwork chaos in Mobberley – and the mayhem is set to continue until Monday.

On Monday, June 23, Cheshire East Highways closed Hall Lane from its junction with Mill Lane and Newton Hall Lane to allow for resurfacing work.

The closure, which is in place from 8am-5pm on weekdays, is set to finish on June 30 – but has already been causing major headaches for affected motorists.

Richard Price, from Alderley Edge, travels to Knutsford via Hall Lane 4-5 times a week and his journey time more than doubled on Monday.

“I didn’t see any warnings signs leading up to it, no notices,” he said. “It’s frustrating. If you come from Alderley Edge or Wilmslow, it is the only main road into Knutsford unless you go down the bypass.”

Richard said he tried to follow the diversion route but that signage was poor.

“It was a bit of pain,” he added. “I know the area reasonably well and managed to navigate just about, but if you didn’t know the country roads you would be going round in circles.”

The Hall Lane resurfacing work was originally planned for June 10 and 11. Andrew Malloy, of Thorneyholme Drive, contacted Cheshire East after noticing the date had changed on the roadside signage.

He was told that the start date had been changed to June 16, but due to traffic generated by Cheshire Show, it had been delayed again to June 23.

Andrew, who uses Hall Lane to travel to work every day, said: “I could see all the vehicles lining up at around quarter to 8 in the morning (Monday). When I came back home, it was about 5.30pm, and it should have opened by then but was blocked. I ended up going through Great Warford which was a little bit of concern.

“Overall, I am pleased they are doing the work - it has really been a terrible road for a long time.”

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