KNUTSFORD biker Jack Sanderson has posted a video of his close shave on one of the country’s most dangerous roads as a warning to others.

Back in Febraury, Jack was riding his 600cc Kawasaki along the Macclesfield to Buxton road when he overtook two bikes and almost collided with a car on a corner.

He was thrown from his bike, and fell 40 feet down a steep bank at the side of the road.

Despite his dramatic tumble Jack walked away with minor injuries.

Jack captured the entire incident on his headcam and has released the footage as a warning to others. 

It has certainly grabbed the public's attention- the Youtube video has had over 207,000 hits to date.

He told the BBC: “I was too impatient. I should have stayed on the white line.

“I saw the car and thought, right, I’m going to have to go off there.

“I’m just happy to walk away with my life, and maybe it could be a lesson to others.

“If it slows anyone down by just one mile an hour then that’s something.”

The winding ‘Cat and Fiddle’ route offers spectacular views, and is popular with bikers from the local area and across the country.