AFTER returning from their most ambitious trip to their sister school in Kenya, the Egerton Primary team were keen to share their experiences with schoolchildren and parents at home.

On March 19, parents spent the afternoon in the Bexton Road school learning about the school’s partnership with Egerton in Njoro and the legacy of the Egerton family of Tatton Park.

They also shared in activities with the children, such as studying the Kenyan-way of life - their education, artefacts, and homes – and explore why the partnership is special for both schools.

Egerton Schools’ Foundation Chair Debbie Thompson spent the afternoon with two groups of children from the junior classes.

“It is really enjoyable and very interesting, as a parent, to spend some time in school with the children and participate in activities with them,” she said.

“The thoughts they shared and opinions they expressed provided a real insight into just how proud they are to be Egerton pupils.

“I was very impressed with their understanding of and the way they relate to the world they live in. This is without a doubt greatly enhanced by what they have been able to and will go on sharing with the children in Egerton.

“The world is their oyster.”

The parent-pupil event followed the foundation’s most recent to the partner school in Njoro. The 18-strong cohort, which included teachers, parents, members of the business community, Multiflex Coaches, and two teenagers, achieved a whole host of achievements in their short February stay, some of which was reported in last week’s Guardian.

Whilst there, the Multiflex team, who work in conjunction with Egerton Primary Knutsford, also hosted the first round of the ‘Kenyan Partnerships Sports Festival’.

Parent David Churchman dedicated his time to painting two classrooms in the school and teenagers, Alex Hooper and Connor Churchman, shared with students their experiences of life as teenagers in the UK.

Three employees from Barclays also raised enough money to make the trip. They carried out ‘Money Skills’ workshops with the Kenyan children and worked alongside Barclays staff at the nearest branch in Nakuru to ensure the valuable workshops would continue in the future.