PET owners are being urged to be vigilant after the latest in a series of sickening acts on animals in Paddock Hill.

Mobberley residents Carrie and Chris Denham and their neighbours Rick and Heidi Gilks have spoken out about the injuries their animals have suffered in recent years.

Following the latest incident on February 26, the families are warning other neighbours in the three-and-a-half mile area to be vigilant and are urging them to report suspicious behaviour to the police.

“We live under constant worry that our pets are going to be hurt again. It is a living nightmare,” said Carrie.

“We cannot understand how anyone can be so cruel that they would hurt our defenceless pets in this manner. It is hard to imagine what sort of mentality this person must have that they can be so heartless.”

Carrie told the Guardian that the first incident happened in 2008.

On May 19 of that year, Heidi and Rick’s pet cat Thomas went missing and when he returned home, his owners were horrified to discover was covered in the highly-toxic chemical creosote.

Three years later, in October 2011, Chris and Carrie were left heartbroken after discovering their pony, Flight, had bleach thrown into his face, burning him badly and damaging his eyes.

Then in October 2012, Heidi and Rick’s horse Milo was poisoned with dry sugar beet pellets. A vet fought for two days to try to save Milo and luckily he survived.

The most recent incident occurred just last month, when Carrie and Chris’ daughter’s cat Denzil was shot in the face, at close range, with an air rifle whilst the family were on an outing.

Carrie’s daughter Gina said: “It was so cruel he was crying in pain. Denzil is old and very gentle; he did not deserve to be hurt. He had to have a two hour operation to save him.”

The family have had another blow since the shooting. After spending two weeks cooped up inside whilst he recovered, Denzil was let outside last Sunday. However, Denzil didn’t return to the house that evening and has been missing ever since.

“We just hope the person who shot him has not managed to get hold of him, I hope he is stuck in a garden shed or garage,” Carrie added.

“Gina is worried sick because he still has his face all stitched up but there isn't anything else we can do.”

Police are aware of the incidents and are investigating. The families are also working in co-operation with the RSPCA.

If you see any suspicious behaviour in the area, in particular around animals, contact the police on 101 or call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.