EAST Cheshire Clinical Commissioning Group is inviting the public to share their views and help shape the future of health and social care services in the area.

Caring Together – an alliance of all the area’s health and social care providers –is working to create a joined-up service across the whole of Eastern Cheshire, with the aim of improving wellbeing.

Before any changes are proposed or made, the public’s views and suggestions for health and social care is being sought.

Chief Officer of NHS Eastern Cheshire CCG Jerry Hawker said: “We believe services need to evolve if they are to meet the changing needs of local people. Caring Together aims to increase the number of people having a positive experience of care in part by pooling our resources and making more of what we have.

“If we stay as we are, we will not be adapting to the changing needs of local people. That is why it is so important that the public tells us what they feel about the services they currently use and what their hopes are for the future.”

Feedback will be fed into options for the way ahead and will be the subject of a more formal public consultation exercise expected later in the year. All views must be submitted by April 30.

Visit caringtogether.info for more information or to complete a questionnaire.