A 56-YEAR-OLD photograph has travelled 260 miles to provide a a blast from the past for a grandmother-of-three.

The Guardian’s February 19 edition recently landed on Christine Thompson’s mat in Dorset.

It was sent by her brother, and after being asked if she recognised anyone Christine got a surprise when she scanned the ‘Remember When’ section.

“On page 20 I found a picture of Yorston Lodge Primary School and of myself sitting on the front row,” she said.

“It says that the photograph was believed to be from 1955 or 1957. In fact it was taken in May 1958 – I have my own copy which is still in its mount with the date on from the photographer.”

The photograph had been sent in by her old schoolmate and Guardian reader Richard Page.

Christine, whose maiden name was Royle, now lives in Poole, Dorset, is married to Neil and has two grown-up children and three grandchildren.

“Naming the children from the photo is difficult now,” she added.

“What I do know is that I am the child fourth from the left on the front row, and that on my right [third from the left] is Morag Skelton-Smith.”

Christine sent the Guardian a later photograph, dated 1962, showing some of the same children pictured in the original photograph.

“Penny, surname perhaps Page, is on the left of the front row,” she added.

“Next to her is Pam Randall, and then on the right-hand side end of the row is Morag again.

“The left-hand edge of the middle row is me again, I think the girl in the centre of that row is Ann Spragg and behind me, on the back row, might be Michael Douse.”

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