KNUTSFORD’S own celebrity chef David Mooney brought his own brand of healthy cooking and healthy eating to the youngsters taking part in the Knutsfoodies pilot scheme.

David took time out of his busy schedule to demonstrate to the 11 to 15 year olds involved in the scheme how they could cook their own Pot Noodle from scratch – in less time than it takes to go to the shop, buy a Pot Noodle and boil the kettle, you could have made it yourself – for a fraction of the price.

David’s Pot Noodle recipe allows people to use whatever ingredients they have left in the cupboard, from soy sauce to left over gravy and sweetcorn to garden peas. The flexible recipe can also be altered to suit personal tastes.

The New Moon pub co-owner, who operates the Old Sessions House, in Canute Place, is a firm believer in the Knutsfoodies scheme and in teaching young children to understand their food.

“You wouldn’t put rubbish into your car so why put it into your body?”, said David.

“It won’t run very well or for very long. It’s simple: learn the basics of cooking, have a good store cupboard and move around a little. That’s why I love coming to places such as The Welcome and giving talks because people learn how to cook decent food.”

The 11 to 15 year olds were then given the opportunity to recreate his dish, experimenting with flavours and preparation methods.

Programme designer Sarah Flannery thanked David for supporting this important pilot scheme and his fantastic Pot Noodle idea.

"It was a mini-masterclass in how to cook great-tasting food with inexpensive and healthy ingredients – a lesson for everyone, really, not only the lucky youth club members," said Sarah.