BARCLAYS has moved to ease residents’ fears that third party vehicle restrictions at their Radbroke site could lead to hundreds of extra cars parked daily in Over Peover.

Residents have suggested that removing third party parking at Barclays Technology Centre could lead to up to 700 vehicles parking in the village.

They also expressed concerns over safety for those who would have to walk along a busy A road to reach the site.

A resident, who wished to remain unnamed, said: “It will mean people parking up the A50, residents won’t be too impressed when they have people parking on their front gardens.

“Barclays take the position that they are expecting people to use car parks, but the implications are that all of Knutsford’s car parks will be full by 8am.

“Then there’s the health and safety concerns of people having to walk up the A50 to work.”

However, Barclays believe a more realistic estimate of vehicles displaced would be half the 700 suggested and are attempting to implement a number of parking plans.

Graham Bastin, managing director, global infrastructure delivery and site executive at Barclays Technology Centre Radbroke, said the company is working on minimising the impact on the local community.

“We recently set out plans to help address parking at Barclays Technology Centre Radbroke and the increasing number of third party suppliers we have on site,” he said.

“Central to this, is that all permanent employees working on site will have a car park space.

“In addition, all staff will be encouraged to adopt a range of measures being introduced to accommodate our third party suppliers which include a car sharing scheme, greater flexible working and the provision of additional bus services from surrounding areas.

“We will continue to monitor the effectiveness of our plans as they are implemented to minimise the impact on both staff and the local community.”

The Whipping Stocks pub, which sits opposite the site, wished not to comment on the proposals at the current time.