A CAMPAIGN to save the facilities of a ‘vital’ health and fitness club has garnered support from hundreds of Holmes Chapel residents. 

The parish council held two public meetings at the Victoria Club on January 23 to consider the best plan of action for the AP Club’s site. 

Around 420 households have also submitted a response to a parish council questionnaire.

Clr Steve Ranger, Chairman of Holmes Chapel Parish Council, said: “Overall, the view was that if we do nothing the AP club site will, in the fullness of time, be lost to the village as a recreational asset, so we must try and do something.”

The parish has six months to put together a bid to acquire the club and it is a race against the clock to decide what facilities are needed and to secure funding for its purchase. 

Clr Ranger added: “We need a business plan for the operation of any community facility to ensure its long term viability.  We will only be able to do all this if the community pulls together and if individuals and organisations offer help and support.”

The most requested facilities, with over 100 supporters, include a gym and fitness centre, rugby and football pitch, community centre, parking, skateboard park and community cinema.

The parish council will also be setting up a youth consultation to look at what young adults want and would use.  The Holmes Chapel Partnership is going to look at setting up a community cinema using the existing facilities. 

Clr Ranger added: “Beyond those immediate actions we need to work with local clubs and organisations to better understand the more detailed requirements for rugby, football and hockey pitches and other sporting facilities; drama and music performance spaces; a community centre; and a gym and fitness centre.

“We would therefore like to appeal to all the local organisations interested in such facilities to contact us urgently to discuss how we might move forward on this.”

For more information on the campaign call 01477 533934 or visit holmeschapelparishcouncil.gov.uk