A DEVELOPER has submitted plans to build 100 homes – including a provision of 30 per cent affordable homes – at Saltersford Corner in Holmes Chapel.

Walsingham Planning, with offices in King Street, Knutsford, has put in an application on behalf of Trafford Park-based Russell Homes to build the properties on 3.6 hectares of open space off Macclesfield Road in the village.

If given permission the homes would be opposite the current Fine Art site, which has permission for 160 homes to be built and will border the train line.

The planning documents detail that the ‘requisite affordable housing provision’ would be up to 30 units, with the ‘proposed tenure split being 50 per cent Intermediate Ownership and 50 per cent Affordable Rent’.

The planning statement adds that existing residential properties on the site would be retained.

“The site is sustainably located and would constitute a logical ‘rounding off’ to the built area of Holmes Chapel,” it states.

“It will deliver a range of tangible planning benefits, not least the much needed uplift in localised housing opportunities within the short to medium term.”

The application only appeared on Cheshire East Council’s planning portal this week but has already caught the attention of neighbours.

Responding to the planning application, Malcolm Daughtrey, of Rose Cottage, Macclesfield Road, said the road was ‘hazardous at all times of the day’.

“To add more traffic, up to 200 cars, to access onto Macclesfield Road would increase the possibility of more accidents,” he said.

“I am strongly against this proposal which will make my quality of life unbearable. To allow up to a further 200 plus cars to access out of this development would be dangerous and irresponsible of the planners and unfair to the residents on Macclesfield Road and further devalue my property.”

Captain Nicholas Leach, of Elm Drive, echoed the concerns raised by Mr Daughtrey.

“The surrounding roads cannot handle the increased traffic, with every house attracting a minimum of two cars,” he added.

“This village has narrow roads in its centre with minimal parking which at most times are over allocated. Even now we have regular lorries passing through which have to mount the curbs to pass by the increasing traffic and the pavement are only just wide enough for a pram.

“My property would be greatly disturbed during this submitted plan and build, let alone the views across the fields would now be gone.

“The village cannot handle the increased population, cars, traffic or parking.”

A decision on the application is due to take place at the Strategic Planning Board on Wednesday, March 5.

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