CHESHIRE Probation Service could soon be making a difference to the streets of Knutsford.

The probation service is currently in talks with Knutsford Town Council to establish areas in the town in need of some extra care.

The service had previously been used to paint the Council Offices and approached the town council for further work.

At an Environment Committee meeting on January 13, town councillors made some suggestions as to how the service’s team could be best put to use.

The most popular suggestion was that the team, accompanied by their supervisor, could be assigned to clean the alleyways in the town centre.
Other popular choices included the repairing of benches and painting of railings.

Speaking at the meeting, Clr Yvonne Bancroft said: “I think any of them would be good but I think the alleyways probably want to be the priority.

"The thing is, Cheshire East are still responsible for the service and I wonder if we want to try and get a Cheshire East person to come along so we can talk about it at the next meeting.

“It would be an awkward thing getting the payback people to do work that Cheshire East should be doing.”

Clr Bancroft added that the cleaning of the alleyways would be beneficial for the upcoming events in the town, most notably the 150th anniversary of the Royal May Day.

“It is such an important year for us and we want the town to be looking as good as it can,” she added.

Clr Vivien Davies also made the suggestion of the team being assigned to clean the street signs and remove overhanging foliage. However, she added that, as in the case of the alleyways, the difficulty arises from the fact that the town council are unsure if the service is the responsibility of Cheshire East Council.

The subject will be discussed further at the next meeting of the Environment Committee meeting on February 24.