CHESHIRE Constabulary has once again been highly placed in a list of the best places to work for people from the LGB community.

Stonewall, the charity committed to working specifically on sexual orientation and the issues lesbian, gay and bisexual (LGB) people face in the workplace, compiles the Workplace Equality Index each year.

The Index is based on a range of key indicators which include a confidential questionnaire of lesbian, gay and bisexual staff, with over 9,700 participants.

This consistently revealed that employees from organisations ranked in Stonewall′s Top 100 exhibited higher levels of staff satisfaction and loyalty.

This year the force has been placed 41st overall in the index out of nearly 400 entries from organisations across the country and is the top 4 police services in the index.

Assistant Chief Constable Ruth Purdie said: "The fact that Cheshire Constabulary has not only remained on the Stonewall Top 100 Employers List, but also improved it′s position by 18 places in what was an exceptionally competitive year of submissions and against a backdrop of public sector austerity is a positive outcome.

"Our success shows that we are changing the workplace for the better for all staff, regardless of sexual orientation, as we have created an environment that is fair and inclusive.

"Our commitment to equality demonstrates that we are providing a quality service both to the public we serve, and throughout the organisation as a whole, in our dealings with colleagues and fellow professionals."