A KNUTSFORD business woman is set to take on the Race for Life at Tatton this weekend for the 12th time.

Sue Bradley, 58, who lives in Alderley Edge, helps to run the Roberta Beauty salon on King Street, Knutsford, with her daughter.

Over the years she has helped in the fight against cancer by staging events, and will be putting on her running shoes again this Sunday.

“I run a tanning salon with my daughter, so that is a big reason why I do it to help raise awareness about the dangers of skin cancer and UV rays,” she said.

“I use to work in an oncology department and that dealt with the likes of breast, skin cancer and various others.

“Fifteen to 16 years ago my sister developed breast cancer. Thankfully she is OK now, but things could have been a lot worse, so I feel as though I should give back.

“I lost my father at 52 to lung cancer 26 years ago and vowed that I would run the Race for Life every year until I physically can’t do it anymore.

“I’m going to do it for a few more years.

“These days young people are so concerned with being brown they will go to whatever extent they need to in order achieve that.

“I feel good that I can help and give advice to those who come to the salon, so that maybe I can prevent them from suffering the effects that cancer can cause.”