A BEER produced in Knutsford has been enjoyed by the country’s top politicians this month.

Chancellor George Osborne enjoyed a pint of Pennies From 11, a beer created by his Longridge-based brewer, Tatton Brewery, to commemorate the historic beer duty cut announced in this year’s Budget.

A cask of Pennies From 11 was delivered to the Strangers’ Bar in the House of Commons, where Mr Osborne was one of the first to sample it.

The 5.2 per cent ale is brewed using classic all-British ingredients including Fuggles and Goldings hops and has a rich copper colour – just like the penny that has been ‘saved’.

Tatton Brewery founder Gregg Sawyer, who travelled to London to drink a pint of his beer with the Chancellor, said: “Britain has a long tradition of brewing beers to celebrate special occasions and we felt the first cut in beer duty since 1959 deserved to be marked in this way.

“Our brewery’s location in the Chancellor’s constituency made us the obvious candidate to thank him with beer and we’re delighted that he was able to join us for one of the first pints in the Strangers’ Bar.”

George added: “I am delighted to help celebrate the launch of ‘Pennies from 11’. It is fantastic that this new local beer is being served across Cheshire and in Parliament to celebrate the scrapping of the damaging Beer Duty Escalator.

“People working hard up and down the country want to enjoy a pint at end of the day and this is one way we can make that a little bit more affordable and help families with the cost of living.”