TATTON Labour Party has backed the plans for the HS2 rail line which could run through the constituency.

Officials say the £32.7 billion project will create at least 100,000 jobs, with the north west route heading from Crewe, towards Lach Dennis and Plumley and then following the proposed A556 bypass route through Tabley and Mere.

It will then follow the M56, passing Rostherne, before stopping at a new hub at Manchester Airport and then in the centre of Manchester.

Residents in the villages of Pickmere, Tabley, Mere, Millington, High Legh, Ashley, Rostherne and Little Bollington have all voiced their concerns over the chosen route.

Tatton Labour Party chairman, Dominic Brown, told the Guardian the party had met last week to discuss the issue.

“Many members attended including some with in-depth knowledge of the railway network,” he said.

“We came to the conclusion that we support the current proposals of the HS2 project. Firstly the project will mean many job opportunities, especially in the north west.

“It will also ensure the north west can remain competitive with the south, with the journey times shortened drastically.

“It is long-term projects like this being brought forward that shadow chancellor Ed Balls noted as being a vital way of achieving growth in his five-point plan.”

But Mr Brown added that there were limitation to parts of the project.

“We think the timeframe of the project is too long at 20 years, and it needs to be drastically lowered so we can aim for more projects like HS2,” he said.

“Another issue that concerns us is the fact that unlike Manchester and Birmingham airports being on the proposed route Heathrow is not.

“This appears a strange decision as it would be a great help to protecting the environment by allowing people to bypass a flight to London to catch a connecting flight.

“The cost of using HS2 is currently not known, but it is vital it is kept at an affordable rate so as many people as possible are able to see the benefit.

“Although if in power the Labour group would have held a proper consultation with the local communities affected by the proposed route and provided mutual and agreeable solutions to their concerns, we consider the HS2 project to be beneficial to the area and people of Tatton, and endorse it.”