A RESIDENT living on one of the town’s most potholed roads has been told by council workers they are not bad enough to be filled in.

The Guardian has highlighted the state of the town’s roads and pavements over the past month, and the Cheshire East Council highways team has been busy filling in some of the holes in the town’s streets – in some cases more than once.

A hole on Princess Street outside Wood’s Butchers has been treated twice but it’s the residential roads that are being left behind according to townspeople.

Geoff Holman, of Leycester Road, said he had contacted the council regarding the state of his road but had been told the numerous potholes were deemed ‘not critical enough’ to be filled in.

“Leycester Road looks like an enemy runway after the bombers have been at it – but it’s not serious as far as the council is concerned,” he said.

“Michael Jones says the council is fully apprised of how bad our roads are, and will definitely do something about it – but when the engineers come to examine individual roads, guess what? Oh, they’re not as bad as we thought they were, so we’ll go home again.

“My wife has phoned them to inquire about progress on Leycester, but was told the potholes have been examined and deemed to be not ‘critical’ enough for action. Anyone who has seen Leycester Road will know this to be ludicrous.

“Just how bad does a road have to get before the council agrees to repair it?”

Clr David Topping said: “I understand the frustrations of people who are unhappy with the road surface in Leycester Road, and thank them for making the council aware of this particular road.

“We are now arranging an inspection to be carried out with a view to filling in the potholes before we can move forward with larger-scale works to remedy some of the drainage problems associated with the road. This will form a part of our programme of work going forward.

“In the meantime, I urge people to be mindful that we look after almost 3,000 kilometres of roads across the region, and we must prioritise our improvement works effectively.”