A KNUTSFORD church came to the rescue after a gas leak at a neighbouring nursery.

Around 40 children were evacuated from Knutsford Day Nursery to Brook Street Chapel on Thursday at about 3.15pm.

The children were taken across the road by quick- thinking staff who remembered they were familiar with the church hall after using it for their Christmas nativity.

Youngsters were outside for 10 minutes while waiting for Rev Jean Bradley to arrive with the chapel’s keys.

Children played in the hall while the leak was fixed by engineers at about 4pm.

Rev Bradley said: “When I arrived there all the children and staff were waiting.

“There was a line of children stood there in the drizzly weather and the little ones were snuggled up in blankets as they were wheeled across in the cot.

“Staff were so organised and wonderful with the children. They sat on the floor ready to play games.

“I think it helped that they remembered the building. They were here at Christmas so it wasn’t a strange place to them.”

Joanne Brewer, the proprietor at Knutsford Day Nursery, said she did not want to comment until she had spoken to all parents about the incident.