KNUTSFORDIANS have been counting the cost of the town’s potholes in more than one way.

Ken Jones, of Bexton Road, told the Guardian he had to pay out almost £400 to repair his car after damaging it driving along Church Hill.

In a separate incident he damaged two wheels on Meadow Drive and Leycester Road.

And Ken decided to measure some of the holes around town and recorded one hole on Leycester Road was almost six inches deep.

“I am deeply concerned roads in Knutsford they are like third world roads – I know because I have been there,” he said.

“I have had two new front tyres, one alloy wheel, all fitted to my Mercedes recently they have all been caused by potholes and now I have done damage to the underside of my car ripping off the under trays and exhaust shield .

“Why is it that some of the most expensive houses in the most prestigious roads in Knutsford, whose residents pay the most council tax, have the worst roads? There are going to be some serious accidents if something is not done quickly, then who can we blame?

“The bad weather is not the cause of the problem, it has only helped to make it worse, water cannot get under tarmac if it is compacted and sealed.

“Lots of people I know will not come to Knutsford anymore because they are afraid of falling, my wife for instance will not ago to Princess Street or King Street or the market due to the potholes and uneven pavements.

“It is my intention to submit the final invoice for my repairs to Macclesfield Council.”

Kim Watson, from Weaverham, fell over a pothole in King Street before Christmas, bruising her face and eye. She is claiming against the council and has received forms from the authority’s firm of solicitors but said it wasn’t the only hole in the road.

“I was very fortunate that I didn’t break anything,” she said. “I’m not frail and if it had been someone flimsier than me then they may not have been so lucky.”