PUPILS and Knutsford residents have been able to experience some fine art in their ‘back yard’ thanks to a linkup between the town’s academy and premier tourist attraction.

Knutsford Academy teamed up with Tatton Park’s Biennial project to create a unique exhibition at the school.

The project has been based around the ‘Flights of Fancy’ Biennial, which took place at the Knutsford park this summer.

The group of 12 students who carried out the project was made up of six pupils in year 8 and six pupils in year 11 – who are currently studying art at GCSE level.

When the Guardian went along to the preview evening on Tuesday, October 30, it spoke to three of the younger members of the group about the experience and what they had learned.

Three pupils from Knutsford – Iona McGarvey, Darcey Jones and Iwan Rees – were selected by the teacher, along with the other nine scholars, to take part in the project.

Iona, 12, said: “I thought it was really interesting.

“We’ve all got creative imaginations – and some of it probably won’t make sense to some – but it was so much fun taking part in.

“We all know Tatton Park quite well as we’ve grown up next door to it and to see all those art works when they were in place was great. It really opened our eyes to what we were going to do.”

The group visited the park on two occasions to gain inspiration for its display.

Iwan, 12, added: “When we worked the artists it was brilliant because they really understood our ideas.

Darcey, 12, said: “When we had doubts about what each piece was going to be we all had a positive attitude that it would all come together at the end, which was great.”