TWO Knutsfordians paid a trip to the Palace to visit the Queen with their partners after being recognised for their work within the comminity.

Jonathan Farber, and fiancee Marianne Evans, and Alexis Tate and husband Neil, headed down to Buckingham Palace on Wednesday, May 21.

Jonathan was nominated for his work in the community and with town businesses, while Alexis is heavily involved in the Girl Guiding movement in Knutsford.

Jonathan said: “The invitation came some months ago and the reality of it only dawned as Marianne and I queued at the Hyde Park gate.

“A great deal of time was taken walking through the gardens towards the lawn, every step taken on the palace grounds, enjoyed and treasured. I kept saying to myself ‘I am in the palace gardens, I'm actually here at Buckingham Palace, at the request of Her Majesty, how incredible’.

“It was a real pleasure to share the event with another local couple in Neil and Alexis, whom like us, were privileged to be there.

“The clinking of crockery, music and voices all fell silent when Her Majesty and His Royal Highness Prince Philip, appeared at the top of the stone steps leading to the garden.

“To date, that was the memorable and humbling moment in my life topped only by the birth of my two children.

“The Queen stood just feet away from me and I can't honestly remember drawing breath until she moved away.”