I share Tony Booth’s concern (letters, February 27) that the latest Knutsford Town Council town centre proposal will aggravate the existing traffic congestion problems on the A50. In addition, I think that carving the town centre up into three pieces, never again allowing traffic to pass from one section to another, is deeply flawed.

Knutsford will become three ill fitting pieces of separate jigsaw puzzles. If the aim is to promote people shopping in the centre of our beautiful town, preventing anyone driving through it and preventing parking on the two main shopping streets will make it more difficult for people to access our shops, or even to see what shops we have in the town.

Disabled people will struggle to reach shops from the car parks, whereas at the moment they can be dropped off nearby.

All town centre residents will have to access their properties via the A50 and Adams Hill, rather than being able to drive into the town centre. The congestion created along our major roads by this and also by the proposed entrance into Princess Street car park, will add to this congestion.

The tailbacks on the A50 will be horrendous in the morning, even before the new housing development.

Mrs J Wooler, Knutsford