THE proposals in the Consultation on Knutsford Town Centre ‘From Top to Bottom Street’ ( towncentremasterplan) would be disastrous and dangerous for town residents and businesses alike, if they were ever carried out.

The road scheme suggests closing small sections of ‘Top’ (Princess Street) and ‘Bottom’(King Street) with the effect of channelling everyone needing to get through town onto the A50, and more traffic onto Adams Hill.

The three means of traffic access to the town centre will be confusing to visitors and frustrating for residents wanting to access their homes or local shops and businesses.

For those of us living near the town’s Tatton entrance, or using Mereheath Lane for the sports and other facilities, the proposed closure of access along Tatton Street to the roundabout would mean further use of Garden Road to get onto the A50 – a junction best avoided now.

The car park proposals also seem designed to add unnecessarily to problems. The proposed entrance to a multi-storey car park behind Waitrose would significantly add to traffic delay – with cars queuing to go in and out – similar to the current difficulties by Aldi. Also, any multi-storey by the Moor would need to be very well planned and landscaped in order not to spoil the Town’s amenities.

Why has the Tatton Street Car park by Laura Ashley not been mentioned or considered for the multi-storey treatment?

A few years ago there was a very well-supported plan for ‘dual-use’ of King Street – surely this could be revived? A similar scheme for Princess Street could improve its pavements, where needed.

Pedestrianisation of the two streets is not the answer. However, a 20mph speed limit in the town centre could immediately improve safety for us all.

Jacqui Moore, Knutsford