I believe that the current proposals for our town centre traffic circulation and parking are worthy of careful consideration but I have to admit that this requires some effort. I enlarged the plan and focused on the three separate areas.

Each has its route in and out. The first aspect to note is that there is no provision for through traffic along either King Street or Princess Street, which is to be welcomed; both roads will be quieter and safer.

I then imagined myself walking a variety of routes; there are no restrictions for pedestrians.

Disabled drivers will, I presume, have both on-street parking spaces and accessible spaces on car parks.

The plan is obviously a work in progress. It seems to me that a multi-storey behind Waitrose will not have any adverse impact on views. A two-storey car park below King Street may work, as the land slopes downwards, but it would be a shame to lose the view of the Moor completely. I hope that opinions will again be sought after this has been worked out in detail. For the retailers and town centre residents, of which I am one, there is still provision for deliveries either to the front or the rear of the properties.

A new vision for Knutsford is to be welcomed. There is no doubt a lot of work to be done and much logistical wizardry will be involved in providing, for example, a roundabout or traffic lights where King Street joins Adam’s Hill and Brook Street, a new road from King Edward’s Road (the A50) on to Princess Street, through what is now the Princess Street car park and eventually clear signage to help in negotiating the different areas.

The members of the working group have thought outside the box and produced a plan very different from any previous ones. I do not think we should dismiss this as ‘yet another scheme that will not come to fruition’. However, until further progress is made, the town council needs our feedback.

Wendy Moleas, King Street