I would like to congratulate the council on their latest wheeze, which is to slow down the traffic on Cranford Avenue without going to the expense of actually installing speed humps.

Every time we go down the avenue, we have to be a dab hand at the wheel while swerving and negotiating the many large holes, cracks and bumps in the road, which is rather like being on a computer generated game, to test your skills. Although I’m sure the residents do not want anyone speeding down their road, since it was (finally) sensibly made a one way route, they must also be tired of finding yet another hole in the surface of this much used through route.

It would have seemed more sensible to resurface it when the new signs were painted on it, to indicate the one way system, as it is only a short distance, rather than quite literally, the way it was then “painted over the cracks.”

It goes without saying that the rest of Knutsford’s roads are now in a dire state, not much having been done in the last several years.

Linda Coleman, Knutsford