IT is very satisfying to see EU countries fighting among themselves about who is going to make up the huge hole left by our departure. No less than 75 billion euros in the next budgetary period of 2021-2027 is what they have to find because our wonderful UK is not going to be paying it.

That is a huge amount of money that we don’t have to pay to the EU.

We could build a decent high speed line, up and down our country for almost that amount instead of pouring into the EU coffers so that countries like Spain can build a high speed rail network, courtesy of our billions of contributions over the last 46 years. Oh sorry, of course, Spain already has high speed rail, so does France, all courtesy of us mugs.

And the reason why France fought so bitterly for us not to leave is money too. France will have to pay 10.5 billion euros in contributions in the new regime, a modest increase, but not to worry, they get 10 billion euros in agricultural subsidies every year alone, not including all the cultural subsidies, transport subsidies, the boost they get from the EU parliament in the backwater city of Strasbourg, and the over influence they have on the other 27 nations, when they are in reality a rather insignificant nation in global terms, with a very unpopular president presiding over a fractured society.

Abi Jones, Knutsford