SEVERAL readers have criticised CEC and Redrow, some at length regarding gas central heating. I have had a look and the alternatives can be heat pumps, electricity alone or hydrogen.

Heat pumps convert the energy input by about three times output using latent heat. The pumps are electrically driven and can use outside air but can be noisy. The most efficient seem to need a network of piping buried in the garden. To compare; my gas (not the cheapest, still on BG) is 3.5p per kWh and electricity 18p per kWh Electric only boilers using existing pipework are available from FischerEB among others and easy to install (price on application).

Hydrogen boilers can use existing pipework and are available from Worcester Bosch from £1,550 among several others. No cost or availability of the hydrogen.

So the good news for those readers most worried by the impending climatic catastrophe is that they can do their bit now and retro fit straight away without waiting for new builds. This is a quick look, banning gas CH is achievable then though expensive and disruptive.

Let’s Do It.

Alex Scott, Knutsford