NOW that we have rid ourselves of the ‘non democratic’ EU monster, can Abi Jones (Letters, February 6) please explain her theory of UK democracy.

I am not being being elitist, genuinely interested in her views in the light of, among other things, a flawed electoral system which sees a government elected by 43 per cent of voters; an unelected “adviser” dictating government strategy; the appointment of public school friends who fail to be elected as an MP but gain government positions by being given a life peerage; the sacking of MPs and Ministers who have contrary views; the banishment of non sympathetic journalists from No 10 press meetings and the refusal to release a select committee report on possible Russian interference in UK politics.

Not forgetting that our seat of democracy, Parliament, was itself shut down in order to further Boris Johnson’s political ambitions.

Catherine Gasparini, Knutsford