I support, in principle, the recently released town council plan for traffic flow and parking improvements for Knutsford town centre. Within its narrow remit, it will successfully provide a safer and more amenable environment for pedestrians and shoppers, particularly the disabled, and an effective solution to vehicle congestion within the town centre, though there are a few wrinkles to be ironed out, mostly regarding vehicle access and egress to, and within, the three separate zones.

Most shoppers and visitors will get used to using car parks instead of on-street parking, provided that there are enough spaces to easily find one, and that the first hour is free (as it is now, on the street).

However, it exacerbates one major issue, which admittedly was not included within the remit but should not be ignored, and that is serious traffic congestion along A50 King Edward Road and Toft Road.

Many locals used King Street and Princess Street as alternative routes through the town to avoid long queues approaching the Canute Square roundabout and Adams Hill traffic lights at busy times. Closing off these two streets will certainly enhance safety and amenity within the town centre, but will funnel ALL that local traffic onto the A50 because there will then be only ONE North-South route through Knutsford (the nearest alternatives will be via Ashley or Plumley, neither route suitable for heavy traffic).

I can’t imagine what the effect of this will be, particularly at peak times, along with the increase in traffic resulting from the additional 900 plus dwellings planned for the town. Gridlock might describe it, and only the much discussed bypass will resolve it.

Tony Booth, Knutsford