I write in response to the letter from Mr Howard Piltz of Wilmslow in which he refers to last week’s article on my campaign to get Cedarway residents the road surface they deserve. He states that I put on a brave face, but implies that I and my fellow Residents of Wilmslow councillors have made promises but taken no action.

I won’t describe all the action we have taken but I do feel the need to respond to his specific issue on parking.

Since the elections in May we have had regular meetings with the officer and the portfolio holder in charge of parking at Cheshire East Council. As a result of those meetings, schemes have been drawn up for measures (yellow lines) to address the parking on Alderley Road, Bedells Lane and Knutsford Road, the statutory consultation for them has taken place and implementation on Alderley Road will be in March.

Bedells Lane will follow shortly after. Unfortunately, the Knutsford Road scheme has been delayed as a result of feedback from residents during the consultation. Further measures to be implemented have been identified from the parking survey undertaken last year and we have been pushing hard for the publication of the final report, which we expect to see on the council website in coming weeks.

In addition, as a result of our actions, a business case for a new multi-storey car park to increase parking capacity in the town has been compiled and is going to the relevant board this month to get funding for the design phase. Once there is more capacity, we can start addressing the parking on the residential streets.

Yes, it took us new councillors a month or so to find our feet and progress has been slow but things are starting to come through. I know it is hard to believe but, as far as local government processes allow, we have made good progress.

None of the above is new to Mr Piltz because I have discussed it with him on many occasions both in person and online and I know he reads my monthly residents newsletters, so to suggest we have not taken any action is disappointing and a surprise.

I am also surprised to hear of Mr Piltz’s desire for Cheshire East and Cheshire West and Chester councils to be amalgamated. This is new because his usual stance is that Cheshire East is too far away and too big and that we should return to Wilmslow Urban District Council.

Cllr Dave Jefferay, Residents of Wilmslow