COUNCILLOR Jefferay puts on a brave face, but 10 months after the last local elections I’m sorry to say I see very little indeed to celebrate, having voted for Residents of Wilmslow myself, when it comes to the important issues that most people living in Wilmslow voted for.

Parking remains a major issue with absolutely no signs of progress. Promises? Yes. Actions?


Another issue is Planning, the town council recommends but CEC ignore them so often.

Let’s press our MP - Esther McVey - to look more closely at the idea to bring decision-making back home where it belongs, not so far away Cheshire East Council behave as if we are ‘north of Watford’, in other words too far away to be a major issue.

Both Cheshire councils should be re-amalgamated and reduced to being a service provider – that should save a fortune!

Having lived in Wilmslow almost 50 years I am appalled at the way we are served.

Howard Piltz, Wilmslow