THE incompetence of the appointed Knutsford Town Council has been fully revealed thanks to the investigations of Brian Dobbs last week, and it truly takes the breath away that these people are still in charge of Knutsford Town Council.

The Ombudsman should be called in for incompetence on the part of this council, that they could have spent £67,000 on legal fees to boot out their tenant who ran the best known restaurant in town - I hear it had received multiple awards - but sadly far beyond my price reach, beggars belief.

The amount they have spent is mind-boggling, and amounts to almost three years salary for me.

What is absolutely disgusting is that these middle class appointees are trying to wave away the 37 per cent increase in council tax as nothing, when any increase in taxes for the low paid can be devastating.

I am having to have three jobs to make ends meet, while the council have made terrible decisions about spending huge sums on legal fees getting their tenant out which could have been resolved by them speaking to the tenant and making an arrangement for maintenance of the building so that the tenant did not have to resort to not paying the rent.

The problem with this is council is that they never listen to their voters, as with the makers market, which was imposed on us too.

Now we have a 37 per cent increase in tax to cover the council’s inept handling of this.

How can they spend over £50,000 on new staff when they don’t have the money?

The entire council should resign and hang their heads in shame.

Jo Carter Knutsford