THE only graceless and uninformed person in last week’s edition is Sara Murphy, who clearly has not understood democracy. We voted to leave, Sara, and that is just what we have now, finally, at last, no thanks to your stupid Wilmslow group, done. Hooray! Pleas from Remainers like you not to celebrate fell on deaf ears as we celebrated with gusto last Friday night.

This is not so much rubbing your nose in it, which you’ve done to us for 47 years, just the enormous relief at last of being free of the non-democratic, autocratic monster that the EU is. We have been fighting for this for 47 years, and so the relief is enormous to be, as a previous correspondent said, to be free at last.

The fact you don’t like it and have done everything in your power to stop this happening, along with your elitist colleagues, does not make it less real, so it’s really time you grew up Sara and got to grips with the new reality, and stopped sulking.

Your letter reeked of elitism and the feeling that despite the multiple votes, you are still right in your superior way. Sounds like other politicians that can’t accept reality, like J Corbyn, J Swinson, P Hammond, G Osborne etc.

We are free, although not yet completely, as we continue making contributions until December 31. I sincerely hope that Boris and his team, who the population have put so much hope in to bring us out completely, will finish the job.

Abi Jones Knutsford