I note with interest that Grant Shapps is planning to renationalise Northern Rail and that he also has a fund to reopen closed rail lines.

It seems that the first to benefit from this will be the old Ashington to Newcastle line, which, like the Northwich to Crewe line, is currently only used for goods wagons.

If it can be done in Northumberland, we should be asking the transport minister to do it here too. This line runs through Middlewich to Crewe, and would mean that pressure will be relieved on the Stockport junction, Middlewich residents being able to access mid Cheshire more easily, and commuters on the mid Cheshire line can link up with Crewe much more easily through Northwich instead of all the way back to Stockport to get to Crewe.

As we all know, Crewe is the gateway to the rest of the country and the world, and I am aware that Esther McVey has been working hard on reopening this line.

Reopening the line would also bring further jobs and prosperity to our part of the country, and reduce traffic congestion. It would be a very good result for mid Cheshire if this relatively short stretch of line that was closed in the 1960s because of the Beeching cuts, was reopened.

We must hope that Esther’s lobbying has borne fruit.

Richard Cussons Knutsford